Spring 2011

Posted: 10.53hrs on Tue 12th Apr 11
I think last weekend was the end of my ski instructing season on Cairngorm Mountain. I taught a private lesson to 2 guys from Essex on Saturday in the sweltering heat.
It's obviously great to be on the mountain in such great weather but the snow was melting fast. I'm sure there were many non skiing visitors who had ridden up the funicular confused as to how so much of the white stuff was still there in the 20C heat!!!!
I'm not expecting that the runs and tows will still be open much longer so it's time to adjust my focus to different ways of enjoying the hills and countryside around Aviemore. I'll be swopping ski boots for walking boots and trainers!
I'm looking forward to wandering around the mountains, forests and lochs both on foot and on the bike. The highest tops are still holding onto some large snow patches and they add enormously to the impressive spectacular scenery. It's a good time for wildlife spotting as well, Ospreys, Skylarks and many other birds can now be spotted around after a winter away. I expect to hear my first cuckoo very soon!
No matter you're age, fitness or experience there's lots to do and see up here and TREKnTRAIL can promise you a fun and memorable day.
Paul ski teaching on cairngorm 9th April Paul ski teaching April 2011

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