Snowy May :D

Posted: 11.42hrs on Wed 9th May 12
Great to be back in the Cairngorms. I really began to miss it towards the end of my winter spell in Verbier, Switzerland and couldn't wait to get back to my favourite place :)

I usually spend the ski season as an instructor on Cairngorm Mountain but this year decided to head out to the alps for some technical training to improve my performance level and ability as a ski teacher. I'm working towards my ISIA (International Ski Teacher) which is a difficult qualification to achieve requiring 8 separate assessments and lots of training.

So it's fantastic to be back living in Aviemore and what a great surprise to see that large amounts of spring snow have been falling followed by clear blue skies, cool temperatures and light winds.
The mountains are definitely at their best when swaddled above by a white blanket with lush green forests and clear idyllic lochs below. Days out walking or biking are just massively enhanced when confronted by such amazing picturesque panoramas.

TREKnTRAIL looks forward to showing off this amazing place to as many people as possible. Country walking or biking around the lochs, rivers and forests, trekking around the cairngorm hills and mountains whatever the chosen activity I can guarantee an amazing and unforgettable journey.


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