TREKnTRAIL Journey Gradings

Walks and rides are graded for overall difficulty taking into account length, ascent and expected duration. Most full days are planned to take up to 5hrs in total including info stops, rest and snack breaks. Full days will require you to carry food and drink for lunch. Half days similarly are planned for up to 3hrs. We use a colour coding system for journey grades-

Green = Easy. Mainly Flat on well made tracks or obvious well used paths. Lots of stops to take in the views, take photos or have a snack. Cafe stops where possible. Often a half day journey.

Blue = Mild Challenge. Some short ascents or rough paths that may cause breathlessness.

Red = Challenging. Some longish ascents. Sections of steep and rough terrain. Potential to be exposed to wind and rain for periods of the day.

Black = Very Challenging. Requires a very good level of overall fitness and toughness in case of poor weather. A very long day and may be a multi day trip requiring an overnight bothy stop or bivuoac.

The weather in Scotland can often be unpredictable. Occasionally the weather and conditions on the hill will dictate where we go. When booking a course you must understand the importance of having flexible plans when in the mountains.

Participation Statement
It must be understood that participating in outdoor activities involves some risk of injury or death. Leaders and Instructors will take all reasonable care to reduce this risk. As a participant you are required to observe the safety instructions given to you during the course. As you are choosing to take part in an outdoor journey with us you should be aware that accidents and injury may occur. TREKnTRAIL is not under any liability whatsoever in respect of loss or damage to personal property, not caused by the negligence or default of TREKnTRAIL and its associates.